Frederik is an interactive designer who takes an interdisciplinary approach to crafting beautiful, engaging digital experiences. He believes in harnessing the versatility of creative thought, bringing design to life by adapting a range of languages and tools. He designs, prototypes, and builds — continually iterating between concept and execution. He currently works for Work & Co in New York.

Frederik Delmotte Interactive designer


Aparium is an emerging hospitality group focused on establishing highly bespoke, boutique hotels around the country. We consolidated their multiple properties around a singular visual identity. The brand construct balanced a discerning voice with nuanced reliability, presenting an aspirational vision while allowing for growth and evolution over time. The website experience worked in concert with the same bold sensibility. Its design moved away from a single page scroll in favor of seamless browsing, retaining pages without the need for main menu navigation. In addition, art direction for all imagery and video content fostered curiosity by visually distilling the brand's key attribute - uncovering new opportunities in uncharted territories. Agency: AREA 17, client: Aparium, visit: