Frederik is an interactive designer who takes an interdisciplinary approach to crafting beautiful, engaging digital experiences. He believes in harnessing the versatility of creative thought, bringing design to life by adapting a range of languages and tools. He designs, prototypes, and builds — continually iterating between concept and execution. He currently works for Work & Co in New York.

Frederik Delmotte Interactive designer


Presented with a redefined brand and advocacy focused editorial tone, we reimagined a website for this 100 year old publication - emphasizing digital over print circulation at the intersection of credible legacy and contemporary appeal. Our platform integrated new product offerings and creative advertising solutions to introduce the brand to a younger demographic. We developed a series of targeted prototypes and complementary visual language that explored how users engage with both short-form and in-depth reporting - from packaged narratives to native sponsored content. The design aimed to heighten discoverability between areas of interest and clearly differentiate between content types, making it easier for readers to follow key issues rather than chasing news. Agency: AREA 17, client: The New Republic